Sunday, February 13, 2011

16 Weeks and growing:-)

The baby is now 16 weeks and approx 10 cm but feels much bigger than that to me. Already my clothes are getting too tight and I have noticed that during running the extra weight is definitely slowing me down. Before pregnancy I was 113lbs and now 16 weeks in I am 125lb. I am wondering how I am going to be feeling running at 140lbs and over . . . . I am sure that sometime during the pregnancy I will have to alternate between cross training and running.

However the weight gain is making me excited as it means that Little One is growing :-) I am really looking forward to feeling that first kick :-) and the baby moving. I should not have too much longer to wait.

I thought it would be interesting to chart my weight gain and see if there are any patterns. Below is the chart so far. . . .

Also I wanted to say a big thank you to Mizuno for their continuous support of great apparel and shoes. I am not sure how I would have survived running in the Ottawa winter without their wonderful clothing. Especially their breath-thermo line.

I will leave you with a photo of the baby bump . . . .