Sunday, May 8, 2011

7 months done and only 2 to go :-)

Not long now and our Little One will be here. We are starting to look at strollers, car seats, cribs etc and are a little overwhelmed by all the choices. I am still running everyday but incorporating some swimming and aqua running as well. Some days the running is great and I feel pretty good but other days I struggle to do 6km and have to walk/run. So each day I start the run and just see how the body is feeling and go from there. The belly is getting bigger and I am finding my balance is not quite as good. I tried to do the elliptical a few times but I think I get motion sickness from doing it as I always feel very nauseated. Also sometimes when I run.

We have decided that we will go back to New Zealand from December until April. Gabriel can take parental leave which is great so we will be able to spend a lot to time together as a family. Also by going back to New Zealand we can miss the Ottawa winter and I will be able to train for the marathon more effectively. It will be great to run back at home as there are so many wonderful places to train. Lots of hills which will definitely help build up my strength and beautiful scenery all around.

I have put my updated weight chart below and also some pics of the baby bump at 7 months :-)

Until next time Happy Running!!