Sunday, December 22, 2013

Happy Holidays and some exciting news!!!!

Happy holidays everyone. We received an early christmas present this year. Follow the pictures below and Lucas will reveal the happy news :-)

We are all very happy and excited for the arrival of baby #2. It will be great for Lucas to have a little brother or sister. I am 11 weeks pregnant and due on the 14 of July 2014. As when I was pregnant with Lucas I have been feeling a little nauseated on and off most days but otherwise doing fine. I have been running every day in the mornings (approximately between 90-100km a week) and swimming/aqua running in the afternoons. Nothing too intense and just listening to my body. Since  I am close to 12 weeks pregnant and I am starting to feel less nauseated I am planning on doing some sort of interval work (maybe 200's/400's/800's on the track) and a shorter tempo or fartlek once a week. Nothing extremely strenuous but just to get the legs turning over a little quicker. And of course with the doctors approval :-)

My running goal I set last year of making the NZ team for the Olympics in Rio in 2016 still has not changed and is in my mind every day I am running. My tentative plans for after recovering from the birth in July is to slowly return to running/cross training. Each week I will add a little more mileage and intensity.  I will start with mainly cross training in the pool and on the elliptical and slowly transition to running. I am hoping it will be easier the second time around as I have some idea of what to expect. However I have to be very careful not to come back to fast and get injured like what happened after having Lucas. Hopefully if all goes well I can run a qualifying time in the marathon in either spring or fall of 2015 (most likely fall to allow my body more time to come back gradually). This however will only be possible if everything goes perfectly with no injuries. It will be one day at a time. This is a long way in to the future however it is good to keep this goal in mind. It helps keep me motivated while running every day. Even though I am running much slower than I was before World Champs just keeping the impact on the legs and the aerobic system going is very important to come back faster and hopefully in time for the Olympics.

I am so happy to share the news of my pregnancy with you all. I will keep updating my blog and how the pregnancy is going. I plan to write a blog each month about an issue that is important with pregnancy and running. I hope this can help some fellow pregnant or pregnant to be mums out there :-) I will also post my pregnancy weight gain chart like I did when I was pregnant with Lucas.

Happy running everyone and . . . . .


I will leave you with a few more photos of the family:

Lucas the little biker :-)

Enjoying the sun at Galveston Beach

Thanksgiving holiday at Galveston Beach

Lucas on his cool new bike


Lucas at his Christmas party all dressed up :-)

First image of baby #2. SO EXCITED!!!

Baby #2 is on the way :-)

Dinner out for Gabriel's birthday at Brazilian churrascaria :-)

Papai e Lucas