Sunday, April 10, 2011

6 months today :-)

Today marks 6 months of being pregnant! The 3 month countdown begins . . .

Running has been feeling harder the last two weeks due to the increase in weight and the baby's position. It feels as though Little One is sitting very low and it is becoming quite uncomfortable when I run. Also my bladder is not allowing me to go to long without needing to stop. However it still is great just to be out running even though it is not fast. Winter is finally leaving Ottawa and for the first time I was running in shorts yesterday so even more motivation to get out and run :-) Finally the snow and ice has gone. I will start to substitute some of my runs with cross training. Either swimming or elliptical. I tried biking last week and this was terribly painful so biking is off the list of activities for a while.

The doctors appointments have gone well and Little One weighs about 1 1/4 lbs :-) It feels as though the baby weighs more though especially when I am trying to run!!

I have put my updated weight chart below and a picture of the growing baby bump :-) Now I am up 15lbs and definitely noticing a difference.

Until next time happy running everyone!!