Sunday, March 6, 2011

19 Weeks - Nearly half way :-)

I can't believe that the first half of my pregnancy is nearly done. The weeks are just flying by. Little one is now 19 weeks and approximately 15cm. I think I can feel the baby moving however it is hard to describe what it feels like. It kind of feels like gas or bubbles. I am looking forward to the first kick :-)

I am still managing to run between 60-90 minutes per day :-) It feels great to be out running. I am running pretty slowly now in comparison to what I was before and not doing any hard workouts or extremely long runs. It is quite nice just to enjoy running without the pressure of having to perform. However in saying this I really do miss training hard. Watching races and seeing results from races really makes me miss competing. However I am taking this break from the heavy training and enjoying being pregnant. It is definitely making me hungry to get back in shape and compete well after the baby is born!!

Below I have put the updated weight chart. I have not put on to much weight since the last blog. My weight seems to have stayed pretty stable for the last few weeks. However I am expecting this to change pretty soon :-)