Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Bronchitis/Flu update and Exciting news!!

Bronchitis and the flu are definitely no fun!!!! After racing the half in New York City my doctor told me to do no physical activity for about a week or until I could breathe without coughing and my resting pulse had returned to normal. Not having suffered from bronchitis before I was thinking it would just be a few days and I would be feeling back to my old self. Well this definitely was not the case.  I had fever off and on for three days, aching body, difficulty breathing . . . and the list goes on and on. I cant remember being that sick before.  I would normally be very anxious not being able to run but with how bad I was feeling I could not even imagine running. Just walking with Lucas to the park got me exhausted!!! I tried to go for a light 30 minute jog 5 days later and could only make it 12 minutes.  Every muscle was aching and I felt so weak. Definitely too soon to try running!!! 10 days later I managed to do 40 minutes with not too much effort. Since then I have been slowly increasing the volume and intensity but being careful about it. The time off gave my body and mind a forced rest that I would not normally have taken.  Now I can start my build-up to Moscow with fresh legs and mind.

Anytime you get injured or sick it makes you really appreciate the days you are healthy and are able to run.  Some days when the training gets really tough and motivation is lacking it is good to remember the times when you have been injured or sick.  When I do this the thought of not being able to run always pushes me out the door as I know how tough it is when you cant train. You also learn to really respect your body. The amount of training day in and day out that is required to run the marathon is a real strain on the body both physically and mentally. However hard the training is though I just love to run and am so happy I am getting the opportunity to do what I love.

During the week when I was really sick and feeling awful I got some very exciting news from Athletics New Zealand. I had been officially selected as part of the team to run in Moscow. It was great to get confirmation as I can now really focus all my attention to the marathon. I am very honoured and proud to be chosen to represent New Zealand.  I am really excited about the trip to Russia. It will also be a family holiday as Gabriel, Lucas and Gabriel's Mum Eurides will also come. It is always great when Lucas and Gabriel are there when I am competing. I feel I push that little bit harder as they always try and follow me on the course to cheer me on and I know when I cross that finish they will be there waiting. I will never forget the day when I won the Toronto marathon seeing Lucas and Gabe. It was such a special time to have Lucas in my arms.

I am planning on doing a few races before the Worlds which I am looking forward to. My tentative race schedule is below:
May 04 - Lone Star Stampede 10km, Houston
May 25 - Ottawa 10km, Ottawa
June 23 - Scotiabank Vancouver Half Marathon, Vancouver

I may also do some local race in April but will have to see how the training goes. I am looking forward to going back to Canada to race. The race weekend in Ottawa is a great event and the city of Ottawa really gets behind it. Also spring in Ottawa is beautiful and hopefully the tulips will still be in bloom.

I will end this post with a few photos from Easter. Lucas really enjoyed hunting for eggs and seeing what was inside. Although he did not eat any of the easter treats he loved the looking part. It was fun to watch. He is already 20 months. I can't believe how fast the time has gone. I feel so lucky to have such a lovely little boy.

Happy running!!