Thursday, July 15, 2010

Recovery in New Zealand

Since running the Ottawa marathon my body has told me that I need some time off. I tried to keep running after the marathon in order to prepare for another marathon in October. However the pains that I felt during the marathon only got worse and I have since been told that I have a dislocated right hip. The doctor thinks that it was dislocated even before the marathon and that by running through the pain in the marathon I made the injury worse. Another reminder that I really need to start listening to my body. I am going to a physiotherapist three times per week and swimming in order to get the hip back in place. I am not sure how long I will need off from running but the physio is hopeful that by August I should be back jogging (I hope so :-) ).

Currently I am back in New Zealand visiting my family in One Tree Point. It is great to be back at home even if it is during the winter time. It is a good chance to let my body recover and get recharged for racing later in the season. I am hoping to be back running some half marathons and 10ks by the end of the year to get some speed back in my legs before starting another marathon buid-up next year. I am still deciding which marathon but probably either London or Paris as both are fast courses with competitive fields.

I will leave you all with some photos from New Zealand and my home town. I look forward to writing again soon hopefully when I am back running.


  1. Mary,
    are you thinking about trying to qualify for the trials here in houston in jan 2012?????

    i hope you heal quickly!!!!

  2. Hi Mary,
    I too have been listening to my body since Ottawa and am taking a break. We deserve it!