Saturday, December 8, 2012

A busy few months ahead . . .

The next few months for our family will be very busy but also lots of fun. Below are our plans:

Fun in the Sun
Tomorrow evening Lucas, Gabe and I are off to Brazil for one month :-) It will be lovely to spend Christmas and New Years with Gabriel's family and to visit Brazil as this will be my first time. We are renting a house on the beach for the holiday period and all of Gabriel's family will come. I am looking forward to the warmer weather and no snow!!! I have been very cautious these past two weeks since the first snowfall in Ottawa and have been mostly training at the Ottawa Athletic Club (OAC). I have never needed to run on the treadmill before so I was not sure how it would go. Although it is boring on the treadmill I have found I can really focus and push the pace. Definitely I would prefer to run outside but would rather be safe and not risk falling or injuring myself.  Also Lucas has been enjoying playing with the other children in the daycare while I am training :-) One concern I had was after the first few days of treadmill running my calves got very tight. I am assuming this is because of the sudden change from land running to treadmill. I have been doing a lot more stretching and rolling and they feel fine now. 

Moving to Houston
Once we return from Brazil on January 10th we have a few weeks here in Ottawa and then we are moving permanently to Houston. Although we love living in Ottawa we hate the cold and for us winters here are too long. Also running here in the winter I find too hard. This may sound silly to all you Canadians but for people who have never lived with snow, ice and numbers that have a minus in front of them it is tough!!! I guess that is why you Canadians are so tough :-) Also Gabriel found a job in Houston. We are all excited about the move and our new life down in Houston. However I will miss Ottawa and the running community in Canada and all of the lovely people I have met here. Ottawa has been a wonderful city to live in and to run. I will definitely miss running along the Rideau canal and the Ottawa river.

Half marathon
My next race will hopefully be the New York City half marathon in March. I am slowly increasing my mileage and intensity each week and it is starting to feel good again. I have be careful though and not push myself too soon as there is a long time until my goal race at worlds in Moscow on August 10th. I am planning on going on training camp during may, june and part of july. Not sure where yet. I will keep you posted.

Altitude Training
My coach and I have been debating whether to go to altitude leading up to the world champs. This discussion lead me to gain more interest in the topic so for the next few blogs I will summarize my research and readings on altitude training. I hope that these summaries will be interesting and something beneficial for all of you. I will start in the next blog.

Happy running to you all. To finish just a few photos of Lucas in the snow. He loves the snow . . Well he is a Canadian :-)

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